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Become your own link

What if you were a link?… like a website. What if your fans could click on you in the real world and instantly access all of your online activity? Our new Reactive QR Codes, specifically designed for the Motorsport community, make this a reality.

QR Codes are quickly becoming a key tool in well thought though marketing and PR activities. All you need is a smartphone, an App and a QR Code to access all kinds of additional content.

Media52 Motorsport have taken QR Codes, reinvented them, and created the perfect asset to any race career. We call our new creation Reactive QR Codes.

Purchase your new unique, Reactive QR Code from us and place them in key locations ready for your fanbase to scan. At the event they could be placed on your car, signature cards, on the paddock wall, on the team truck. You’ll be photographed so get them on race suit, helmet visor. Wherever you see your name, place one.

What makes Reactive QR Codes different is the scan destination. Standard QR Codes have a fixed destination, Reactive QR Codes don’t! Change the destination to be anywhere, at any time.

Between races it could be your website, on race day it could be Facebook Fanpage, your Instagram feed, your Twitter account, maybe even your YouTube channel. Wherever you want the destination to be, you can control it via our website PITSTOP pages.

What makes our Reactive QR Codes even more powerful is the option to have your Mobile Portal as selectable destination. A collection of all your links on a mobile optimised page is a great way to give your fanbase the choice they want.
We have designed Reactive QR codes with not just drivers in mind. They can be used by race teams or maybe even your sponsors.

To get up and running with your own personal Reactive QR Code contact us and we’ll send you a Media52 Motorsport QR Starter Pack. This contains everything you need to get up and running all ready for the next race.

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