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More Pizza Problems

Posted: 13 Wed Mar 2013

It seems us Media52 Motorsport folks don’t have much luck with pizzas. Last week it was a hamburger pizza at Motorland in Spain and this week it’s a curry pizza in the South of France.

One of the things I love most about the Paul Ricard circuit is the drive from La Ciotat. The road snakes up the side of a forested hill with a fantastic view of the Mediterranean sea, then it flattens out for the best part of 10 miles and there never seems to be anyone on it! When the sun is low in the sky and you have French radio playing cheesy R&B tracks it is just bliss!

The first day of the Blancpain Endurance series testing session was filled with sunshine, fast times and supercars. After a long day on the track I went for a pizza, stupidly asking the waitress which she would recommend; “the curry pizza monsieur.” Why not I thought? If there is ever a curry pizza on the menu, just don’t, it’s just a tomato-less pizza coated in crème fraîche.

Let’s hope for more great weather, record breaking lap times and a normal pizza on Day 2.

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