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Here at Motorland as the WSR gets ready for the first meeting of the season!

Posted: 25 Thu Apr 2013

We're here for the first meeting of the World Series by Renault at Motorland Aragon. It's going to be a great weekend!

After a very early and bumpy flight my excited self arrived in a windy Barcelona airport. I left the airport and met up with our newest Media52 team member Justine who was waiting for me with handful of familiar faces including Fortec 2.0 driver Jake Dennis!

Once we drove for what felt like 12 hours through the worst rain we had both ever seen, we made it to our hotel. This too wasn't very easy, luckily Justine knew a little Spanish!

With a quick dash to the track, we were able to take some photos and get set up. It's great to have the WSR family back together again. Like everyone else we can't wait for it all to kick off!

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