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Day 2 at Moscow Raceway

Posted: 22 Sat Jun 2013 Sam Ingles

Another early start as I begin my 3 hour trip to the track. Being young does bring its problems, one of the most annoying for me being that in some countries I'm unable to hire a car, including Russia.

My route begins with a small walk from the hotel to the Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo train station, to then catch a 2 hour train over to Chism, from there I then get a bus over to the track. It sounds like a lot of travelling but I really enjoy it. It's very social. Russians are such friendly people and most seemed to be going to watch the WSR so we had a common interest.

A very impressive turn out today seeing as the track is so far from anywhere. All in all another great day with Stoffel taking the pole, fastest lap and win in the 3.5 class, well done buddy!

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