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The rain in Spain falls mainly...on the track!

Posted: 28 Sun Apr 2013

Saturday afternoon made us hopeful of a perfect sunny Sunday for the races. But 'Hello again rain!' People from Aragon, get your umbrellas out, you’re going to need them! All qualifying sessions, exhibitions and races seem to be in extremely wet conditions.

Red flags, technical troubles and no visibility at all for drivers. This was definitely a crazy WSR Sunday show. Our photographer got drenched by the rain while taking photographs and was thrilled be back at the warm media centre. I was pleased to meet a number of drivers and sign them up for their very own driver App. You can get download the Media52 Motorsport driver App from the App Store.

So, we’re happy that new season has officially started and we definitely can’t wait to be in Monaco for the next meeting and at last get a rendez-vous with the sun.

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