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Media52 Motorsport recognises new technology is one of the most important components of any Motorsport PR or marketing strategy. With an ever more technically aware audience, a fresh and radical approach to digital media is cornerstone to success.

Available for iOS and Andriod, this completely free App allows you to centralise all your official content – giving your fans one place for everything. The App can also earn you money to support your race career.

The App;

• Centralises your social media, news, videos and photography so they’re all in one easy-to-see place.
• Lists your upcoming race events and allows fans to buy tickets.
• Shows your fans the race results and standings throughout the season.
• Highlights your sponsors and charities – giving them exposure to your fan base.
• Provides a platform to sell your official merchandise and memorabilia, giving you an income.

The App also includes a Loyalty Game, where fans can compete to become your No.1 fan! They earn points which can be exchanged for exclusive rewards and experiences. You earn a revenue by allowing brands to show their challenges on your App. You can even get your sponsors involved.

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