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Nick Catsburg and Pierre Thiriet back in action!

It's starting to become a bit of a habit in Eurocup Mégane Trophy, as Nick Catsburg (TDS Racing) once again qualified fastest here. Only Pierre Thiriet (TDS Racing) is right behind him. So the title looks to be disputed in good humoured fashion between the two teammates this weekend. But Nick Catsburg has had his warning. Pierre Thiriet has not intention of making it easy for him.

The contest for the Eurocup Mégane Trophy title this weekend is between Nick Catsburg (TDS Racing) and Pierre Thiriet (TDS Racing). The first place in the Gentlemen Drivers standings is also up for grabs. The challengers for that title are Jean-Philippe Madonia (TDS Racing), who has already won the category twice in the past, and Raymond Coronel (McG Fashion by Verschuur).

The first collective testing session was interrupted almost immediately when Raymond Coronel ran off the track. After a short period under the red flag, the Dutchman was however able to rejoin the track. As seems to be his custom, Nick Catsburg took things by the scruff of the neck right from the outset. The TDS Racing driver improved on the fastest lap several times in succession. With a lap in 1’54’’343, he moved comfortably to the top of the timing screens and then kept on going for a fair few laps more at the same pace.

Dimitri Enjalbert (Boutsen Energy Racing) then made his presence felt by proving to be Nick Catsburg's most tenacious rival in this early part of the session. Meanwhile, David Dermont (TDS Racing) and Stefano Comini (Oregon Team) were fighting it out for third spot. The Belgian driver managed to get the upper hand over his Swiss rival just as Jeroen Schothorst (McG Fashion by Verschuur) forced the red flag to come out once again. When the drivers resumed for the close of the session, it was all change. Sébastien Dhouailly (Team Lompech Sport) was the first to knock Nick Catsburg of the top of the standings. The TDS Racing driver tried to hit back, but Stefano Comini settled the matter with a lap in 1’54’’063. This meant he finished the session at the top of the timing sheets, ahead of Nick Catsburg, Sebastien Dhouailly, Bas Schothorst (McGregor by Equipe Verschuur) and Pierre Thiriet.

Nick Catsburg then re-established the natural order of things in the second session. The Eurocup Mégane Trophy leader put in the fastest time of the session, though he was not able to better Stefano Comini's time from earlier in the day. Dimitri Enjalbert was the first to set things in motion with a lap in 1’54. Then, Nick Catsburg responded by coming back out and putting in a faster lap. By going round in 1’53’’184, he turned in the best performance of the day. He finally finished ahead of his teammate and major rival for the title, Pierre Thiriet.

Quote, unquote:

Nick Catsburg: "Things didn't go perfectly this morning, especially as far as I was concerned, because I made some errors. Everything went better in the second session, but now Pierre Thiriet is there, right behind me. In my wildest dreams, I'm hoping I can secure the title tomorrow… But for that to happen, Pierre would have to take it easy, and I don't think he's about to do that. The atmosphere in the camp is good and we're really just friends. Whatever the outcome, we'll be celebrating it together on Sunday evening."

Stefano Comini: "I’m getting to know this circuit really. This morning it was great, everything worked perfectly. But we had loads of problems this afternoon and I didn't have time to get onto fresh tyres. I want to and have to win here this weekend. In any case, I simply have to win, because I've got a bet on with my team manager. If I don't win, I won't be allowed to shave until next season!"

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Posted: 08 October 2010
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