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Moscow Raceway

Organized by Renault Sport and Renault Russia, the first meeting of the Russian World Series by Renault has proven to be a real treat: 85,000 spectators over two days, a village full of varied entertainment, enthusiasm for the Russian public, the meeting Moscow Raceway marked the spirits and opens a new chapter in the history of World Series by Renault.

If some appointments are renewed every year with the schedule of World Series by Renault, Moscow Raceway made its debut this season. Renault Russia, who had never taken part in organizing an event of such importance, and Renault Sport, everything was invented! And the team of Moscow Raceway, which was to finalize the construction project site, the race against the clock proved to be an exercise in size.

"We had to develop everything from plans, says Yevgeny Meites, project manager of the first meeting for Renault Russia. The circuit was under construction during our preparation. Everything had to imagine as it could be. As to the progress we could make this happen. We are therefore pleased to have won this race against the clock because we wanted this first meeting a success. In the end, the appointment went as we expected, with beautiful animation, a permanent show, an audience that responded to this, a circuit ready in time, enthusiastic fans ... "

If the World Series by Renault have their own logistics, organizing such an event requires a perfect coordination between the local subsidiary and RST. "We had no experience of organizing such an event, with as much public welcome, says Yevgeny Meites. But we are very satisfied. An event in Russia, it's good for everybody, for Renault, for Russia and motorsport in general. "

Furthermore, the language barrier and the organization of an appointment in a country with very different culture from that of Western Europe has sometimes complicated matters. But the presence of Russia and Renault team organization millimeter RPM, co-organizer of the World Series by Renault alongside RST, enabled the project started in August 2011, taking over the span of weeks. All partners of Renault Sport also had to adapt to this new appointment, transport equipment and structures throughout Europe, adaptation to local constraints.

With the investment of all the teams on site, the World Series by Renault in Moscow have become a reality! First international event of motorsports racetrack in Russia, the first rally in Moscow Raceway, this appointment was also the scene of a great popular success. "The WSR were not known in Russia, the circuit is brand new, quite far from Moscow. So we made a big advertising campaign for the public to meet present and achieve total success, says Evegniy Meites. We struggled to communicate about the event in Moscow and its environs, on the internet in TV ... "

With a rally in the first 85 000 people, Russia Renault and Renault Sport Technologies can be seen as a positive first step for Renault to establish itself as a premium brand in the largest country in the world. "I think we managed to reach a different audience than just motorsport fans. The audience appreciated what we had to offer in terms of motor racing but also animations, complete Evgeniy Meites. The Russian public has loved coming to this meeting and it is not impossible that he wants more. "

Official Renault Sport Press Release.

Posted: 20 July 2012
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