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Kevin Korjus consolidates championship lead

Korainen Bros Motorsport’s Kevin Korjus claimed his third Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 win of the season at a damp Spa-Francorchamps today. The Estonian consolidates his lead in the overall points. Teammate Jukka Honkavuori claimed second place on the final lap when he overtaking Cram Competition's André Negrao, third.

The winner of the first race of the weekend, Tech 1 Racing’s Arthur Pic was in Pole Position once more today, in front of One Racing's Daniel Mancinelli and Epsilon Euskadi's Genis Olivé. Rac, conditions had improved from the morning, but the track was still quite damp. Epsilon Euskadi’s Alex Riberas, along with Mancinelli colided during the warm-up lap, resulting in a start from the pits for Mancinelli and retirement for Riberas.

As the lights changed Arthur Pic, in pole, stalled. The Tech 1 driver was hit by Korainen Bros Motorsport’s Bart Hykelma and One Racing’s Jordan Oakes. Olivé took advantage of the confusion to take control of the race, but the Spaniard left the track, handing first place to Negrao. The Brazilian finished the first lap in the lead, ahead of Korjus, Krenek Motorsport’s Adam Kout, Honkavuori and Epsilon Euskadi’s Miguel Otegui.

Negrao and Korjus made the break, building up a lead over the rest of their rivals. The chasing pack, led by Kout, was very tight. Honkavuori, 4th, held off Olivé, who had climbed back to 5th as best he could. Otegui, in 6th, had to fight a rearguard action against a comeback from Interwetten.com's Lucian Bacheta. The British driver found the opening he needed and caught up with the duo of Honkavuori and Olivé who were enjoying some vintage racing.

In front of them, Kevin Korjus was lying in wait behind André Negrao. The Estonian was clearly ready to take advantage of the Brazilian’s slightest mistake, while taking care not to make any unnecessary mistakes. Meanwhile, behind them, Hunkavuori snatched third place from Kout.

Under pressure, Negrao made a few mistakes, to Korjus' benefit. The Estonian got perilously close before passing him on lap 8. One he had the lead, the 17-year old went all out for his third win in four races, to boost further his position as leader in the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 championship.

Second, Negrao spent the remaining laps fending off attacks from Honkavuori. In spite of tyre trouble, Negrao put up a good fight. On the final lap, the two drivers had a minor shunt under braking in Combes, but it was in the descent into Pouhon that the decisive move came. The Finn claimed second to offer the one-two to Korainen Bros Motorsport, leaving Negrao to finish third.

Kevin Korjus: “At the start, I only just missed Arthur Pic, but it was a close shave! Then André Negrao was quicker than me. But as time went on, my car was handling better and better. I didn’t take any risks, I waited for the right moment to overtake. Since the start of the season, my rivals have been making a few mistakes and that has worked in my favour.”

Jukka Honkavuori: “Like Kevin, I only just scraped past Arthur’s car. But everything worked out well. I overtook a few drivers. My car just got quicker and quicker. We had a good old battle in the last two laps. It was ace!”

André Negrao : My car was really fast at the start, but the more the track dried out, the more I lost performance. After three retirements, I needed a podium finish to start over. It’s been a good day all round.”

Results: Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 - Spa-Francorchamps - Race 2

Pos Number Driver Team Laps Time GapFirst KPH
317André NEGRAOCRAM COMPETITION1128:51.961+6.477162.9
418Luciano BACHETAINTERWETTEN1128:58.182+12.698164.3
511Adam KOUTKRENEK MOTORSPORT1128:59.312+13.828163.0
61Genís OLIVÉEPSILON EUSKADI1129:05.208+19.724162.4
710Daniel DE JONGMP MOTORSPORT1129:06.152+20.668162.6
83Giovanni VENTURINIEPSILON EUSKADI1129:06.439+20.955163.4
92Miguel OTEGUIEPSILON EUSKADI1129:08.163+22.679163.2
109Karl Oscar LIIVMP MOTORSPORT1129:10.647+25.163163.4
1123Daniel MANCINELLIONE RACING1129:13.338+27.854164.4
127Aaro VAINIOTECH 1 RACING1129:14.106+28.622164.8
1327Miki WECKSTROMKOIRANEN BROS MOTORSPORT1129:16.582+31.098163.9
1431Brice BOSIBOETTI RACING TEAM1129:17.302+31.818163.0
156Hugo VALENTETECH 1 RACING1129:19.599+34.115164.6
1614Jakub KNOLLKRENEK MOTORSPORT1129:59.341+1:13.857157.4
1730Kalle KULMANENMP MOTORSPORT1029:41.2151 Lap159.7
16Henrique MARTINSCRAM COMPETITION718:58.163158.6
19Craig REIFFINTERWETTEN410:50.545153.9
22Jordan OAKESONE RACING13:15.983

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Posted: 02 May 2010
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