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Nick Catsburg Victorious

TDS Racing’s Nick Catsburg put an end to the suspense that has become such a big part of this year's Eurocup Mégane Trophy. In claiming his eighth win of the season the Netherlander also claims the 2010 title. Boutsen Energy Racing’s Renaud Derlot and McGregor by Equipe Verschuur’s Bas Schothorst completed the lineup for the podium. Meanwhile, just one point separates Jean-Philippe Madonia from the Gentlemen Drivers title, which would mean a hat-trick for TDS racing in Eurocup Mégane Trophy this season.

So as not to come between Nick Catsburg and Pierre Thiriet in their battle for the title, Oregon Team’s Stefano found a novel solution! By claiming his fourth pole position of the season ahead of Nick Catsburg. It was a disappointing qualifying session for Pierre Thiriet, who started from eighth place.

Stefano Comini made the most of his advantage, as Renaud Derlot overtook Nick Catsburg. Fourth on the grid, Boutsen Energy Racing’s Dimitri Enjalbert was left standing on the line due to gearbox trouble.

Comini, Derlot and Catsburg made it off the starting grid cleanly and had broken away from the field within a few laps of the start. Oregon Team’s Niccolo Nalio led the chasing pack with Bas Schothorst, Sébastien Dhouailly, Jean-Philippe Madonia, Hoevert Vos and Pierre Thiriet taking the start of the race rather too cautiously. Things began to change in the tightly packed unit when Bas Schothorst crept past Niccolo Nalio to claim 4th.

Stefano Comini had to take risks in the race, which resulted in a 10-second penalty from the race management after the race our incorrect positioning on the starting grid. This made things easy for Derlot and Catsburg who remained tight right up until the mandatory pitstops.

Renaud Derlot was the first to pit, while Stefano Comini and Bas Schothorst preferred to stay out as long as possible. Catsburg’s strategy proved effective, as the Netherlander soon found himself sat on Comini’s rear wing and within fairly short order had found the opening he needed. Renaud Derlot did the same just moments later.
Catsburg now held court, followed by Renaud Derlot, Stefano Comini and Bas Schothorst. The Netherlander hung on tight to the Swiss driver towards the end of the race, finally managing to pass him two laps from the finish.

Catsburg’s sixth win of the season hands him the Eurocup Mégane Trophy championship. At just 22-years old the flying Dutchman claims the first major title of his career, along with a tryout in the Nissan GT-R which competes in the GT1 World Championship. He was joined on the podium by Renaud Derlot and Bas Schothorst, while in the Gentlemen Drivers category, TDS Racing’s Jean-Philippe Madonia finished second behind McGregor by Equipe Verschuur’s Hoevort Vos. He now needs just one point to claim his third title in the class.

Quote, unquote:

Nick Catsburg: “I’m delighted, it’s been a great day! It’s great to take the title with a win. I had trouble at he start of the race, but my car was really on form at the end of the race. It’s the first major title of my career. I’m not sure what the future holds; I’d like to go into endurance racing or GT1 world championship. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the Nissan GT-R.”

Renaud Derlot: “This is my fourth podium in five races, but I just want to win. It was within reach today, but I made a mistake.”

Bas Schothorst: “The start of the race wasn’t easy, but I was much quicker towards the end. I saw Stefano Comini was in trouble at the end of the race. I knew he had a 10-second penalty, but I wanted to make the podium at this circuit… and I managed it, so I’m really pleased.”

Official Renault Sport Press Release

Posted: 09 October 2010
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