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Paul Ricard HTTT

During the World Series by Renault meeting on the Paul Ricard HTTT circuit, baptisms in Renaults and Dacias with professional driver at the wheel were the order of the day. 2180 people were able to test the qualities of the Dacia Duster 4X4 on the 4X4 track laid out near the Le Castellet track. The Dacia Duster is a vehicle adapted to hilly countryside, which is also suitable for economical use in urban traffic and daily driving.

Two small trains provided a very practical shuttle service between the various stands, and on the spot it was easy to see the popular success enjoyed by the Dacia stand. The queue stretched for over 10 metres, and a certain amount of patience was needed before climbing into one of the Dacia Dusters running on the 4X4 track.

The professional drivers were relaxed and smiling and answered questions from the neophytes whose first difficult was a couple of steep slopes of over 45%! Going down slowly was easy and the drivers had little difficulty mastering this challenge. They then had to tackle the following obstacles: crossing a ford, a stomach-churning climb, steep slopes and corners on inclines, but the Dacia Duster coped with them all in its stride.

“It’s a vehicle with permanent two-wheel drive, which is very economical, is ideal for everyday driving and can also adapt to this type of terrain without problems,” said Maxime, one of the Duster drivers. “Although it’s got a small engine the gearbox helps with both types of use. It has very short first and second gears that enable the driver to tackle this type of terrain, and longer ratios for motorway driving. At 130 km/h fuel consumption is only 7.5L/100 km/. The very short wheelbase means that the driver can tackle very difficult terrain, and the metal plate under the flat bottom protects the car from impacts.”

The Dacia Duster 4X4 showed its agility as it dealt with the obstacles, and reached the finish without problems to the delight of the day’s debutants, who were amazed by the vehicle’s ability to cope with the challenges and by the thrills they experienced along the way. For 4X4 connoisseurs the Dacia Duster is a vehicle that has a very good quality/price ratio for first-time buyers who find themselves in a vehicle capable of tackling the toughest obstacles. The success of the Duster 4X4 baptisms at Le Castellet is a further demonstration of the popularity the Dacia models enjoys among the general public.

Official Renault Sport Press Release.

Posted: 23 September 2011
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