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Formula Renault 3.5

The Formula Renault 3.5 Series, which has a wealth of talent, is the last step on the ladder before Formula 1. As talent isn’t enough to break into the top category of motor racing Renault Sport is increasing the number of operations to reinforce the bridges between the two. Thus, in Moscow, Robin Frijns, the leader of the FR 3.5 Series, got behind the wheel of the Red Bull Renault RB6 for his first run in an F1 car. Later on in the season the drivers will be invited to Milton Keynes to meet the Red Bull team to familiarize themselves with the expectations and requirements of an F1 squad.

Robin Frijns was the joint leader of the Formula Renault 3.5 Series Championship after the Nürburgring, and he took full advantage of the mid-season prize offered by Red Bull Racing and Renault Sport. The Dutchman drove the Red Bull RB6 under the watchful eye of Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull F1 driver who was on hand to entertain the crowd at the Moscow meeting by driving the Red Bull during the F1 Show, as well as Vitaly Petrov the local star who also thrilled the spectators at the wheel of the Caterham F1. The big crowd that flocked to the first international motor sporting event held on a circuit in Russia enjoyed these shows that pre-figured the organization of the first Russian F1 Grand Prix at Sotchi in 2014.

In addition to the run on the Moscow Raceway the road leading from the FR 3.5 Series to Formula 1 is accompanied by other opportunities. At the end of the season the champion, if he is not contracted to a competitor team, will drive for Red Bull in the F1 rookie tests. In addition, the FR 3.5 drivers will visit the Milton Keynes factory the Red Bull Racing headquarters. “It’s not like a VIP visit,” explains Emmanuel Esnault the Renault Sport F1 sporting manager.

“The drivers will be totally immersed in the world of F1. They’ll meet the key people in the Red Bull Racing team and find out what they expect from a professional driver. The guys in the FR 3.5 Series will see what they have to acquire to become complete all-rounders to race in F1, which requires more than just a high level of driving skill.”

Putting their foot in the world of F1 will enable tomorrow’s stars to hone the key aspects of their career evolution. “It’s an excellent opportunity for the drivers who aren’t part of an F1 development programme. By meeting the key people of a team they can absorb the high standards embodied by Formula One, and by being introduced to teams they can make themselves known in ways other than their performances,” concludes Esnault.

Media and physical fitness training, meetings with track engineers, with the team manger and communications manager, nothing is left to chance to give the FR 3.5 drivers all the tools they need to gain a foothold in Formula 1 and enlarge their range of skills. In addition to the visit to Milton Keynes, some of the drivers in the blue riband championship in the World Series by Renault will go to Monza for the Italian F1 Grand Prix to deepen their knowledge of the top level in motor sport.”

Official Renault Sport Press Release

Posted: 19 July 2012
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