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Here they go again!

Here they go again!

The stage in Hungary has completely boosted the season. Obviously, the Belgian leader Stoffel Vandoorne still has the monopole of first position but his advance is now considerably reduced. On Hungarian grounds, the ‘French Revolution’ took place with as leader the young Mathieu Jaminet who didn’t leave the slightest chance to his competitors. Norman Nato and Paul Lanchere made a come-back on the podium, keeping the suspense at its epic… Five points now separate the four drivers behind the RACB National Team driver. This second part of the season promises to be very exciting and it’s with a lot of impatience that the Auto Sport Academy’s drivers are eager to come back into competition.

In Hungary, it was the first time in many aspects. Firstly, it was the first time that Mathieu Jaminet imposed himself. And in such a wonderful manner! Pole man, victory and best lap in race in both races – he took it all, which was also the first time of the year. He therefore went from 6th to 3rd rank of the classification which has considerably tightened itself. Leader since the beginning of the season, Stoffel Vandoorne, for the first time of the season, did not step onto the podium. Having had to abandon during the first race, his advance is reduced but remains nevertheless comfortable with 28 points. At Hockenheim, he only has one inspiration: get back onto the podium and, if possible, on the highest step. Behind, Norman Nato regains his second place he had after the inaugural stage. But the double winner of Budapest, Mathieu Jaminet, is only 2 points away from him knowing he remains under pressure of his ex-aequo pursuers Franck Matelli and Paul Lanchere who only have 3 units delay.

Pierre Sancinéna was very regular in Hungary whereas Jean-Baptiste Lahaye was not able to score any points. Result, they are in equal position at 29 points from the Top Five. They are going to have to double their efforts this weekend in order to come back in the match. Even more so that Alexandre Mantovani is keeping a close eye on the event… Since the 2nd race of the season, the latter has always been in the Top Ten with a 4th place for best result. He must confirm his position. A podium is within his reach, up to him now to score. Same report for Paul-Loup Chatin who is only one point away from him. Author of a remarkable come back on the Hungaroring circuit, he has not yet been able to show all his potential. His aim is to step onto the podium this weekend and he will do everything in order to get there.

Sébastien Le Bras maintains his position and pockets points at each event, the maximum so far being the points of 4th position. He is going to have to reiterate in order to climb up in the hierarchy. Tristan Papavoine, for the first time, left a circuit without pocketing any points. He is going to have to do better in Hockenheim in order to come back. Behind, Alexandre Jouannem-Sivan and Valentin Simonet will have to make the difference. However, Nicolas De Moura is not far behind, by only one point, and could very well surpass them as long as he doesn’t release the pressure until the very last session. He will be doing his very best.

Finally, following the example of Valentin Simonet, Maxime Raphoz and Alexandre Anezo pocketed their first points. Two for the first mentioned and one for the second. In Germany, they will try to gain even more points. We are now awaiting the first points for the girls of this promotion: Marie Baus-Coppens and Giada De Zen (Draco Drivers Development driver) but also those of Maxime Bourcet, the Moroccan Hamza El Fatouaki and why not Pierre Nicolet who joined the F4 Eurocup 1.6 group in Hungary where he had no reason to be ashamed of himself.

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Posted: 03 September 2010
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