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World Series by Renault

Patrice Ratti, the Renault Sport Technologies CEO, sums up the eighth season of the World Series by Renault.

How would you sum up the eighth season of the World Series by Renault which had four hotly-disputed championships this year?
“It’s the first time that the outcome of all four titles was decided on the final day of the season. It shows that the overall level of competitiveness is very high, particularly in the Formula Renault 3.5 Series. We’ve moved up another step in terms of excellence. The teams and the drivers were very happy with the new car. The balance between performance and cost is ideal, and this machine gives a better idea of what Formula 1 is all about. With it the drivers are better prepared to try and find a seat in an F1 team. In the other categories the battles were all equally hard fought so we can only be delighted by this.”

The highlights of the Paul Ricard and Catalunya meetings was the track presentation of two new models, the new Clio Cup and the 2013 Formula Renault 2.0. What do these launches represent for Renault Sport?
“The Formula Renault 2.0 has changed, it’s true but it’s only an update, it’s not a new car. We have a lighter, more rigid monocoque and better aerodynamics. The aim is to make the car quicker without in-depth modifications and a big rise in costs. The Clio Cup is the competition version of the new Clio R.S. There was a lot of enthusiasm when it was presented at Paul Ricard and the orders started coming in. The drivers like being in the news with the latest product from our workshops!”

In terms of events the WSR went to Russia. How would you sum up the season in terms of the dynamism of the Renault branches and the on-the-spot entertainment?
“The cooperation between Renault Sport and the Renault subsidiaries who all played the game is very efficient. Renault also wanted to breathe fresh life into its shows like the installation of the Corridor of Time. Each season we’ve brought in innovations to make the public want to come back the following year. As for Russia it’s doubly new: for Renault Sport and also for Russia itself as it’s never seen such a motor car event before. We’re proud to have been asked to be the first to organize such a competition which is fully in keeping with Renault’s pioneer spirit. We knew how to take up this challenge and we attracted over 80 000 spectators. We feel proud to have innovated in this area.”

“What’s the World Series by Renault’s place in the motor racing landscape, and in view of the ninth season, what are the aims Renault Sport has set itself for 2013?
“The World Series by Renault has grown in stature and it is now firmly established in the professional milieu. Formula Renault 2.0 and the Formula Renault 3.5 Series are unanimously recognized by all the professionals as the best training ground for young drivers. All the driver management teams come to us today including Renault’s rivals. We’ve clearly moved up to a new level where the acceptance of the work we’re doing is concerned. Our arrival in Russia made a big impact; it was a capital step in our evolution. We’re going to tone down our growth in terms of visiting new countries as we can’t organize a project like this every year. With the inclusion of the Red Bull Ring we’ve shown that we’re open to going to other circuits. This will help a different public to discover our package. Simulators of games for children are a family-oriented event. Formula 1 is another of our assets as at an F1 Grand Prix, in addition to the price of tickets, the fans can’t get near the cars and drivers. We’re proud to enable them to do that with the presence of the Red Bull Renault and drivers like Alain Prost, Damon Hill, Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastien Buemi or Jean-Eric Vergne. We’re determined to cultivate this kind of spirit.”

Official Renault Sport Press Release.

Posted: 25 October 2012
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