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Well done mister Chatin!

On the mythical track of Silverstone, Paul-Loup Chatin celebrates his first success in car-racing in the most beautiful way: by transforming not only his pole position into victory but also by signing the best lap in race! Alexandre Mantovani also confirms his potential by climbing onto the 2nd step of the podium in front of Norman Nato who slightly reduces his delay on the leader Stoffel Vandoorne, 4th of this first English race.

When settling onto the starting grid, the weather seems uncertain but all public attention is focused on Norman Nato's single-seater. Indeed, before the formation lap, the former FFSA Go-kart Team driver has a problem with his clutch. The mechanics fuss around his car and everything gets back to normal. When the red lights go out Paul-Loup Chatin, who dashes for the first time of the season from pole position, does not weaken. On the other hand, Norman Nato is quicker than Alexandre Mantovani who is immediately under the threat of Stoffel Vandoorne. The latter soon overtakes him and increases the pace to join the group at the head of the race. Behind these four boys, Mathieu Jaminet, Tristan Papavoine and Paul Lanchere hold their positions while Pierre Sancinéna and Nicolas De Moura collide and have to regain the end of the group. Franck Matelli buckles the first lap in 8th position in front of Jean-Baptiste Lahaye, having left 13th, and Sébastien Le Bras.

Paul-Loup Chatin seems more than comfortable on the Silverstone track and he builds his advance methodically while Nato, Vandoorne and Mantovani are all three very close to each other in front of a quartet just as tight and directed by Paul Lanchere. Alexandre Jouannem-Sivan also pockets points to the detriment of Sébastien Le Bras. Farther, the young Italian Giada De Zen succeeds in taking the best on Pierre Nicolet. Maxime Bourcet does as much with Alexandre Anezo. The fight is present in all ranks of the group! But the main fight the public cannot take their eyes off, is that between Nato and Vandoorne. Alexandre Mantovani has dropped out a little and has to be careful of Paul Lanchere who returns hardly. The same thing goes for Franck Matelli who watches Jean-Baptiste Lahaye growing in his rear mirrors. Some laps later, he has to give up the fight whilst further ahead, Norman Nato firmly contains the leader of the championship. Therefore, Alexandre Mantovani is able to succeed in returning to the contact.

At mid-race, Paul-Loup Chatin possesses more than a comfortable advance and he serenely moves towards his first victory in car-racing. Behind him on the other hand, nothing is yet decided and the end of the race looks rather tense - even more so that a few raindrops are beginning to fall. In these conditions, Mantovani has always proved to be performing… and he proves it by carrying a successful attack on Stoffel Vandoorne for the gain of the 3rd place. The RACB National Team driver tries to regain his position in vain. He even finds himself threatened by Paul Lanchere whereas Norman Nato now has to contain Alexandre Mantovani. But no way is he going to tempt the devil and makes the best of his 3rd position. In the last lap, Alexandre Jouannem-Sivan makes a mistake and loses three places letting Maxime Raphoz close the Top Ten.


Paul-Loup Chatin : "My departure wasn’t exceptional but I was able to keep my position and quite quickly, I was able to distance Norman. During the first five laps, I did my best to build the advance. The rain worried me a little but I was able to keep the pace. I was quite relieved when I saw the chequered flag ! This is really a good day for me."

Official Renault Sport Press Release

Posted: 18 September 2010
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