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Second victory for Chatin and title for Vandoorne

After Mathieu Jaminet in Hungary, Stoffel Vandoorne in Germany, it is now the turn of Paul-Loup Chatin to perform the perfect weekend! In England, within the temple of motorsport, he revealed himself to be untouchable and this second race confirmed the theory. Stoffel Vandoorne climbs onto the second step of the podium -which allows him to pick up the final title- in front of Alexandre Mantovani, particularly performant on English grounds!

For this Sunday race, the weather is less promising but the grand stands are full of spectators! Just like the previous day, Paul-Loup Chatin starts off in first position on the starting grid next to Alexandre Mantovani. Victim of an electrical problem, Nicolas De Moura is not able to leave in 9th position of the starting grid but from the pits. The departure of the pole man is just as superb as the day before. This time, Alexandre Mantovani maintains his position face to Norman Nato and Stoffel Vandoorne but as soon as the first corner is passed, the fight between the three boys begins. Having left 8th, Tristan Papavoine sees his race shortened because of a contact with Franck Matelli, which is a shame for him as he had signed his best result of the season yesterday and could have hoped for a good result in England. The two drivers, Nato and Vandoorne, came to a tough fight but the second finally came out winner and placed himself in Alexandre Mantovani’s gear box. Nevertheless, Norman Nato remains in contact. Behind them, another trio are toughly fighting with Mathieu Jaminet ahead in front of Paul Lanchere and Pierre Sancinéna. Under pressure, Alexandre Mantovani makes a slight mistake and the others loose no time in digging the distance. Mantovani doesn’t give up but has to deal with Mathieu Jaminet who has seriously returned back on his back.

Comfortably leading at the head of the race, Paul-Loup Chatin releases no effort. A little further, the positions remain unchanged in spite of the continuous fight of each driver. Only Jean-Baptiste Lahaye, 8th, is driving on his own in front of Sébastien Le Bras, Valentin Simonet and Franck Matelli who is no longer in the points. Whereas Stoffel Vandoorne increases the pace to reduce the distance with the head leader, Nato, Mantovani and Jaminet virtually present themselves together. The second takes the advantage and Jaminet squeezes in. Sébastien Le Bras leaves England with no points, having had to regain the pits because of a mechanical problem. In spite of his efforts on the track, the young Nicolas De Moura has the same problem. Paul Lanchere, as for him, took the best out of Norman Nato who is now face to Pierre Sancinéna. At the same moment, Franck Matelli comes back in the Top Ten.

Not long before the chequered flag, Mathieu Jaminet is still hoping to climb onto the English podium and is particularly insistent. But, Alexandre Mantovani, as for him, has the will to climb back onto it! The attempts of intimidation are numerous but on crossing the finishing line, the positions will not change. Imperial on the English track, Paul-Loup Chatin imposes himself face to Stoffel Vandoorne, who therefore takes the place of his predecessor and compatriot Benjamin Bailly. Paul Lanchere pockets the points of 5th position in front of Norman Nato, Pierre Sancinéna, Jean-Baptiste Lahaye, Franck Matelli and the young Alexandre Jouannem-Sivan who wins five places and closes the group. At the end of the race, Franck Matelli is penalised. Alexandre Jouannem-Sivan therefore pockets the points of 9th position and Valentin Simonet that of the 10th.


Paul-Loup Chatin: " This is a perfect weekend! I love the track, I have good sensations in the car. What more can I say. I am thrilled and cannot wait to get to the final in order to confirm and finish the season in a perfect manner."

Stoffel Vandoorne: "I’m very happy to celebrate my title on a podium. I’m relieved and for the final I will be more at ease but that is not going to stop me from adding more victories to my 2010 palmares!"

Official Renault Sport Press Release

Posted: 19 September 2010
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