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Formula Renault 2.0

Belgian driver Stoffel Vandoorne, 20, knows the Spa-Francorchamps circuit well and loves racing in front of his home crowd. Vandoorne, who was born in Kortrijk and is a member of the RACB National Team, currently sits second in the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 and needs to score big points at Spa. He has the home advantage, and he fully intends to use it.

1- It all starts at La Source hairpin. It’s nothing spectacular, but the exit determines your speed through the Raidillon. After La Source you then go flat-out before braking at Les Combes. The Raidillon is impressive the first time, but after that you get used to it. The key is to go flat-out through Eau Rouge, which isn’t difficult in a single-seater.

2- A lot can happen at Les Combes. You get there at full speed so you have to brake for a fast, tight sequence, which narrows in the middle. What is certain is that there’s not room for two cars through here. But at the same time it’s where you can attack if you take good advantage of the slipstream on the preceding straight.

3- The second sector, from Malmedy to Stavelot, is the most important. That’s where it all happens. It’s the most technical part of the circuit, with fast sequences and blind, downhill corners. If you don’t find the right rhythm here, you’re guaranteed a bad lap time.

4- The final part is again punctuated by long, high-speed bends. You have to get a good exit from Blanchimont to have a hope of trying to overtake at Bus Stop. As you go into this chicane you have to brake heavily. Here, you can even overtake on the outside!

Official Renault Sport Press Release.

Posted: 01 June 2012
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