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Jaminet, yet another victory!

And here we go again for another version of the previous F4 Eurocup 1.6 race where we find the same drivers in the same order on the podium: Mathieu Jaminet, Norman Nato and Paul Lanchere. The least we can say is that Mathieu Jaminet has marked his prints on Hungarian grounds. At the age of 15, he is the first this season to have pocketed all points distributed during the weekend.

Still under a magnificent sun, the Auto Sport Academy’s drivers gather together on the starting grid with, yet again in first position, Mathieu Jaminet. In reason of his anti-sportive behaviour of the previous day, Alexandre Jouannem-Sivan is placed not in 7th position but in 11th. Not having respected the starting procedure, Paul-Loup Chatin has to regain the pits at the end of the formation lap.

At extinction of lights, Norman Nato makes a wonderful take-off but not being well placed at the entry of the first corner, doesn’t allow him to take advantage on the pole man Jaminet. The first lap is quite hectic, all drivers are on the attack especially Jean-Baptiste Lahaye who is forcing on Franck Matelli for 5th position. Rapidly the forceful driver of the weekend takes his distance, leaving Norman Nato and Paul Lanchere quarrelling. Behind, Stoffel Vandoorne raises his pace in order to catch up on them with, in his wheels: Matelli, Lahaye, Sancinéna and Raphoz. All are within hand reach, intimidating attempts multiplying themselves. Jean-Baptiste Lahaye has to face the fact and enter the pits to put an end to his race. Maxime Raphoz releases a little pressure and is now confronted with Simonet and Le Bras in his wheels. Pierre Sancinéna tries to find an opening but Franck Matelli holds his position. On the other hand, Maxime Raphoz must give up face to his companions but has no intention in releasing the pressure. At the same time, Paul-Loup Chatin is getting bigger and bigger in the rear mirrors of Alexandre Mantovani who is in 10th position.

Well placed at the head of the race, Mathieu Jaminet does not give up on his efforts. As far as Stoffel Vandoorne is concerned, wanting to step onto the podium this time, he pants up onto the duo Nato/Lanchere. Another driver is also keen on pocketing big points. In spite of a good resistance on behalf of Alexandre Mantovani, Paul-Loup Chatin takes advantage and places himself rapidly in Maxime Raphoz’ gear box. He overtakes him and places himself in the middle of the fight between Sébastien Le Bras and Valentin Simonet for 7th place. Paul-Loup Chatin will finally end up having the last word. Right up to the end, all drivers do their best but positions are not to be changed.

Leading from beginning to end, Mathieu Jaminet offers himself another magnificent victory in Hungary followed by Norman Nato and Paul Lanchere. Stoffel Vandoorne pockets the points of 4th position in front of Matelli, Sancinéna, Chatin, Simonet, Raphoz – who wins his first points – and Mantovani. Pierre Nicolet places himself in 16th position behind the Italian Giada de Zen after a blunder at the beginning of the race. Such a shame, he had won 3 positions but his race will have been relatively satisfying for this first meeting.

Before the long vacancies, the double winner Mathieu Jaminet gains 3rd place in the general classification behind Norman Nato and in front of (at equal points) Paul Lanchere and Franck Matelli. The advance of leader Stoffel Vandoorne has kind of reduced itself but the game is not yet over and one thing is certain: the young F4 Eurocup 1.6 drivers are going to have to be very patient until the next stage of the competition, beginning of September on the Hockenheim circuit in Germany.

Mathieu Jaminet : «This is just a perfect weekend for the Championship, such a success! I can’t wait for September.»

Norman Nato : «I was hoping to take advantage at the start of the race but nothing was possible. Then I was within hand reach of Paul Lanchere but I was able to keep him behind. This second podium is a good thing for me as I am now in 2nd position of the Championship.»

Paul Lanchere : «After what happened in Magny-Cours, this meeting is more than positive with two podiums. Can’t wait for September!»

Official Renault Sport Press Release

Posted: 04 July 2010
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