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Ellip6, a partner of the World Series by Renault, has its own place in the paddock. In addition to sponsoring the Eurocup Mégane Trophy by entering a car in the reigning championship team, Ellip6 provides driving sessions on its 6 axes simulator. The drivers love it and it enables the company created by Pierre Tantot to showcase its know-how in motor sport.

Ellip6 is a company that has provided driving sessions on simulators since 2010, and it has taken advantage of the considerable experience of its founder, Pierre Tantot. “I’m a great motor racing enthusiast and professionally I work in the robotics sector,” he explains. “Ellip6 comes from my experience with drones in particular, and also my passion for motor sport. By designing my simulator for helicopter landings on a moving boat I realized that it was fun and that it could be turned into a game.”

After developing its first set of simulators for the general public, installed in Pierrelatte in the Drôme, Ellip6 quickly turned to motor sport in 2010 with its simulators on arms to reproduce the movements of a racing car as accurately as possible. After that it didn’t take long for Ellip6 and the World Series by Renault to join forces. “First of all, I’ve always liked Renault Sport and we have the black and yellow colours in common,” Pierre smiles. “Above this partnership is a win-win one for both parties.

“The World Series by Renault is a major well-organized event where everybody can spend the weekend and enjoy themselves,” the Frenchman goes on. “We get a lot out of this family environment. We see a lot guests as well as several drivers using our simulator. Many of them got to know us when we were able to provide laps of the Moscow Raceway before the circuit even opened and the WSR meeting in Russia took place. A lot of the drivers wanted to do extra laps. Fortunately, our simulation centres are available so they can train all the year round no matter what the circuit or the car. We also sell our machines for daily training.”

In addition to the simulator in the World Series by Renault village open to guests and drivers, Ellip6 sponsors the no.1 Mégane R.S Trophy. The seat goes to the winner of the Clio Eurocup every year thanks to the partnership between Renault Sport and Ellip 6. “It’s great publicity for us, all the more so as its beautiful livery makes us stand out among the other cars in the field. The Mégane is a fantastic-looking machine; it’s beautiful whether it’s the racing car or the series production version. I think that this is a partnership not just ordinary sponsoring. Today, Ellip6 feels like it’s an integral part of the event.”

For more information about Ellip6, click here on www.ellip6.fr

Official Renault Sport Press Release.

Posted: 16 September 2012
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