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Brave comeback after dramatic crash

If the renowned Spa Circuit wasn’t enough of a test for the talented drivers, then the presence of 45 cars on the track was an added twist as the Formula Renault North European Cup was integrated into the race this weekend. It was expected that the extra traffic would inevitably add to the drama that this race demands.

The notorious Eau Rouge/Raidillon corner claimed its first victim on Friday when Pieter Schothorst (R-Ace GP) dramatically crashed in Collective Testing. The team held their breath as he was airlifted to hospital and the session terminated whilst his ruined car was taken back to the garage.

Treated for an injured knee and a hard knock to the head, Pieter was discharged and allowed to return to the circuit, determined to continue despite suffering from the effects of his injuries.

Saturday came without the anticipated bad weather and after some hard work from his team, Pieter’s car was expeditiously returned to its former glory. Despite the lack of running, he took to the track and managed to qualify in 30th. Unfortunately a later accident that day put paid to his race hopes and he retired to reflect on the events of the last two days.

On Sunday, met with glorious sunshine, the McGregor driver managed to qualify in an impressive 26th place given the circumstances of the eventful past two days. Following an exciting race, the Dutchman made steady progress finishing in 24th; showing everyone present how he was able to keep his composure in the face of adversity.

Pieter is already focused on his next race on 18th June 2011 at the Nürburgring where he will undoubtedly return to prove to all that he is ready, willing and able to compete with the best.

Posted: 01 May 2011
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