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Your most important friends

Media52 Motorsport understands that building a fan base is an important step for any driver interested in elevating their profile and attracting sponsorship, even a modest following can become a powerful marketable proposition in attracting a potential sponsor’s attention.

Any driver or team has to earn a fan base by performing well on the track but equally it's important to retain their interest and attention through networking and keeping fans up to date with a steady flow of engaging news and activity.

We can help you formulate a strategic plan to accomplish this: presenting an engaging website, social media activity on Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Twitter, exciting email newsletters, Podcasts, Video Blogs, and great ways of staying connected with fans.

At the end of the race, it's vital for drivers to take their relationships with fans and sponsors as seriously as their driving. Drivers who consistently provide people with appealing news, quality information and a steady stream of positive interaction will build their fan base while increasing their chances of long-term sponsorship, investment and career advancement.

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